The Design Of Avant Garde Wheels In The USA

Wheel technology has generally improved overtime. The use of alloy metals to manufacture wheels is a breakthrough in wheel technology. This is due to improved features of new products. Alloys are a combination of metals used to produce a more advanced version. Alloy wheels are lighter in weight which greatly reduces the overall vehicle density. This of course has great effect on the speed abilities of the car.

The Avant garde brands of wheels are alloys and are specially built with features that improve the dynamics of the vehicle. The perfection of its finishes are worthy of accolade. The brand provides a wide variety of designs and features to choose from, these include colors. Each wheel can be customized to suit customer specifications. This ensures that customers get exactly what they need. Safety and standards are of course very important so the Avant Garde Wheels conducts adequate testing in line with standards to ensure that each product is safe to use. There is of course a warranty policy on every product distributed. Here are a few products from the Avant garde series that have made quite an impression on today’s market.

  • AG f230 – its reverse configuration permits a larger, more exposed wheel disc and a deeper lip.
  • AG m310 – engineered with precision, the m310 has a modern look with great performance
  • AG m355 – this classic and aggressive BMW design is stylish and lighter than stock wheels.
  • AG m368 – manufactured with custom fitments with quality designs
  • AG m350 – durable finish and gives your car that touch of perfection
  • AG Ruger classic – light and strong, easy to maintain
  • AG f140 – this is a multi-piece alloy custom-forged aluminum wheel with great form and function
  • AG f320 – this monoblock forged has that strength and rigidity
  • AG f120 – features a stronger and lighter step lip configuration than the flat lip.